Captain America The Winter Soldier



My task as Effects Artist

Glass shattering, Smoke/Dust /Fire, Particles, Render/Light Fx element

Software:  Maya/3dsmax

Company: Trixter (Munich)

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White House Down


My task as Lead Effects Artist (Cloth and Hair simulation/rig)

Software:  Maya

Company: Trixter (Munich)

Director: Roland Emmerich

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Iron Man 3


My task: Effects (Particles, Fluid simulation)

Software: 3dsMax, Maya, Thinking Particle, Fume Fx, Krakatoa, Frost

Around 90 shot with different type of effects ( feather, smoke, fire, sparks, rigid body, water simulation, ice melting…)

Company: Trixter (Munich)
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Cloud Atlas


I was lucky to work for a short time in the Cloud Atlas project as Fx artist.

My task: Particles, Fluid simulation

Software: 3dsmax, Maya

Company: Trixter (Munich)

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Destiny: The Taken King CG cinematics

My task as Shot Technical Director

Assemble the shots for render and composite, optimizing the render process

Software:  Maya / Nuke / Arnold

Company: Digic Pictures Hungary

Might and Magic Heroes VI – Trailer

Our team (with Robert Toth) task in the game cinematic trailer:

  • Rigid body simulation (Skeleton)
  • Mel scripting
  • Fluid simulation (Green flame for skeletons)
  • Realflow (blood)
  • Cloth simulation (Skeletons)

Software: Maya, Nparticle, Realflow, Syflex

Company: Digital Apes / Puppetwork

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ESET Smart Security 5

Our team (with Robert Toth) tasks :

  • Rigid body simulation
  • Mel scripting (Shatter tool, particles driving)
  • Particles (Big monster building, light trails)


  • Maya, Nparticle, Pulldown it
  • 3dsmax (Massfx)
  • Houdini

Company: Tripod Vfx / Puppetwork

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Red Tails

My task: Modelling/ Uv cockpit elements

Software: 3dsmax, Maya

Company: UPP (Prague)

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Nespresso / Elements

My task: Smoke / Fire / Particle

Software: 3dsmax, Krakatoa, Fume fx

Company: Bose Collins, ArtMafia

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Zambia vs Ivory Coast Final CAF Africa Cup 2012 Video mapping

My task: Mel script, Previz, Timing, Particle, Rigid body simulation

Software: 3dsmax, Houdini, Maya

Company: Tripod Vfx / Puppetwork