Iron Man 3


My task: Effects (Particles, Fluid simulation)

Software: 3dsMax, Maya, Thinking Particle, Fume Fx, Krakatoa, Frost

Around 90 shot with different type of effects ( feather, smoke, fire, sparks, rigid body, water simulation, ice melting…)

Company: Trixter (Munich)


My effects 0:30 – 0:41 (Jet system, smoke, spark)



My effects 0:32 – 0:48 (Jet system, smoke, spark)



Ironman – Snow melting RnD


Maya, 3dsmax, Frost, Krakatoa, Nuke


Screen shoot of my effect:

Trixster_GBF_3330_01_1011_CA_v003 CH_SCT_0320_01_CA_v004 CH_SCT_0230_01_1047_CA_v002 CH_SCT_0150_01_CA_v004 CH_SCT_0142_01_1023_CA_v001 CH_GBF_3570_01_CA_v001 CH_GBF_3350_01_1025_CA_v002 8150574662_c025de4e17_o 8144980705_552c884d04_o


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